Christ at Mass Reflection for Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Christ at Mass Reflection for Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

True Happiness Comes from God and through Christ in the Eucharist

Jesus wants us to know that true happiness does not come from money but from God. Money and material possessions can easily become obstacles in our relationship with God. The first question we need to ask ourselves is “Are we utilizing our money and possessions to help others?”. Are we raising the lowly from the dust and lifting up the poor, as proclaimed in today’s responsorial psalm? Or are we trampling upon the needy and destroying the poor of the land as Amos prophesizes in the first reading? In either case, we must keep in mind the Lord will always remember the choices we make.

The parable in today’s Gospel is about honesty. The steward is not honest with his master when he goes to his debtors to get something back to save his own skin. While dishonest wealth may work at times in the world today, it definitely does not work in the world of our faith in Christ. Our faith is built upon honesty, from our foundation of the Ten Commandments, to what Jesus preaches in the Gospels, and to what we practice by participating in the Holy Sacraments. This is especially true when we attend Mass and firmly believe we are receiving Christ Himself in the Eucharist (body, blood, soul and divinity).

Jesus’ deeper teaching in this parable is to conduct our lives in ways that are consistent with the love of God, and not love of a world around us. Whether with Christ at Mass or at home or work, we must keep our eyes on the things of heaven, where life is eternal. We can make a substantial difference when we pray for the conversion and salvation of all people, leaving all final judgment up to God where it belongs.

As disciples of Christ, let us always act in ways that demonstrate how we put God first in our lives. As St. Anthony of Padua said, “Do you want to have everything? Give all of yourself to God and God will give you all of Himself to you. And thus, not having anything of yourself, you will totally possess God and yourself in Him.”.


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