Christ at Mass Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent (2019)

Christ at Mass Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent (2019)

The Lord is with you.

In today’s Gospel, the angel announces that the baby, Jesus, in Mary’s womb shall be called Emmanuel – “God is with us.”

An Anonymous Early Church Father wrote, “The One whom the world was neither able to contain or worthy to receive, Mary alone was able to hold as it were in the little chamber of her womb.” Mary was the first of all creation to hold within her little chamber the infant child Jesus, God in all fullness: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Can you hear Mary silently whispering to herself in amazed wonder, “God is with me. God is within me.”

Because of Mary’s yes, Jesus’ saving work and our yes, we have the same amazing privilege today to hold that same Jesus within us when we receive Him in the Eucharist. When we receive the Eucharistic Jesus, we hold within us Jesus, God in all His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity fullness no less than Mary did over 2000 years ago.

So as you sit quietly in your pew after receiving the Eucharist you can echo the angel’s words “God is with us” and even more intimately “God is with me.”

God chose Mary to be the first and today God chooses you to receive His Son. Don’t be afraid to listen to the angels singing “Hail (fill in your name) full of grace, the Lord is with you.”

Peace be with you!


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