Christ at Mass Reflection for January 19th, 2020

Christ at Mass Reflection for January 19th, 2020

With Christmas season over for this Liturgical Year, our readings this Sunday offer us three invitations. First, we are invited to be servants. The first reading [Is 49:3, 5-6] says, “You are my servant.” Later it says, “I will make you the light of the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” Second, we are asked to recognize our apostleship as Paul recognized his in the second reading [1 Cor 1:1-3]. Third, we are invited to witness Christ as John the Baptist did in the Gospel reading [Jn 1:29-34]. John the Baptist exclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” The three invitations mean that we are called to serve God and our neighbor, we are called to be the apostles who are to continue the work of Jesus, and we are called to witness Jesus to the world. In other words, we are called to be His disciples.

Jesus accepted His mission of making the Father known to the world, He accepted the will of the Father [Jn 6:38]. And like Jesus, we are given the mission to live as servants of God to reveal the Father to the world. In our Baptism, the Spirit comes down upon us like a dove and remains upon us if we allow it to. God wants to show His glory through us. But do we choose to accept this mission? Do we choose in our daily lives to make Christ known and to allow Him to show His glory through us?

Certainly we all have goals and dreams in life. There is nothing wrong with that. We all want to be happy, we want good jobs to provide for ourselves and for our families, we want a nice home with nice things, we want good friends and good health, and on and on. But as Catholics baptized into Christ, our main goal in life, above everything else, should be to make Jesus known to all the world by our words and actions. Every time we attend Mass, we are not only making the life and love of Jesus known to our family and friends, we are witnesses to Christ’s presence in the Eucharist as bread and wine become His body and blood.

All of us here at St. Damien Parish are to be a light to the nations, to draw all to the knowledge of God’s love and salvation [Is 49:6]. We can do this by our participation within our parish. To be a light to the nations as a community of believers, we need each and every member to participate. How are you giving of your time and talents to St. Damien? If you want to learn more about our ministries, visit our website ( or call the Parish Office at 609-399-0648.


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