Christ at Mass Reflection (May 31, 2020)

Christ at Mass Reflection (May 31, 2020)

Come, Holy Spirit, come. On Pentecost we can wonder what it must have been like for the first followers of Jesus gathered in the Upper Room, waiting and praying for the Advocate, whom Jesus had promised before he ascended. No appointed time. No details. Morale had to be mixed as Mary, the apostles, and others kept each other going with food, camaraderie, and prayer. Then the moment arrived. A strong, driving wind and tongues as of fire. What an experience!

The followers of Christ were empowered by a force field of love and revelation that filled the house and their souls. It also filled their mouths with a universal message of salvation and hope, one that the whole world could understand. Water, fire, wind—the Holy Spirit is a formidable force.

In The Sanctifier, Archbishop Luis Martinez calls the Holy Spirit “the soul’s delightful guest.” The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to us, a gift within that speaks to the eternal part of us. Archbishop Martinez distinguishes between virtues (which can lead us to God but remain a human accomplishment) and gifts, which are straight from God, directed by the Holy Spirit, and a vehicle for perfection.

The Holy Spirit is yet another lavish gift that descends on us from God and Christ, who give us every part of themselves out of love. We all have gifts that are nurtured by the Holy Spirit, if we ask for that nurturance. How do we know what to make of our gifts? We follow the example of Christ. What occasions will we find today for using our gifts for the good of others? What occasions for charity will present themselves to us today? What occasions for mission? Let’s be ready, as the first followers were, waiting and praying to be fully present to those occasions. Come, Holy Spirit come.


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