909 Days That Changed the World: Jesus Settles in Capernaum

909 Days That Changed the World: Jesus Settles in Capernaum

Below we have the latest installment of Bob Dunne’s book, 909 Days that Changed the World. We will post two chapters a week for the summer months. We suggest reading it quietly and putting yourself in the scenes. You might be amazed at how closer you can get to Jesus! Should you be interested in your own copy, the book ($14.95 plus sales tax) can be bought from his publisher Leonine Press, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. It is also available in Nook and Kindle. You may also get an autographed copy directly from Bob by emailing him at dunnerj3@comcast.net.

Chapter 10: Jesus Settles in Capernaum

When Mary gets back to their home Jesus is there. She hugs him tightly as he does her. Jesus looks deeply into her eyes and tells her they must leave Nazareth; they will move to Capernaum and make it their home. Tears begin to pool in Mary’s eyes, more for her rejected son than for herself, yet she knows she will follow him to Capernaum and to wherever else he leads her. They pack their things quietly and quickly, say good-bye to their neighbors, offering them the furniture and things they will not be able to take with them, and leave town. News of Jesus’ leaving spreads quickly, but few approach him, ashamed by their actions on the Sabbath and confused as to how he got away from them. Both Jesus and Mary are silent as they turn their backs on the town they have called home for the last thirty years. With the exception of some extra clothes, they leave Nazareth with nothing. It is mid August—day 306 of the 909 days that changed the world.

The journey to Capernaum from Nazareth on foot takes a full day to complete. Jesus and Mary arrive just before dark and make arrangements to stay with a distant relative who has a home in the village. The news of Jesus’ arrival spreads quickly, and by midmorning, many stop by the house to see him. The recent cure of the Roman official’s son has excited much of the town, and they are all eager to see him. Shaking off any sadness, Jesus greets them lovingly. They are all anxious to see him and hopeful they will see more miracles, similar to the few already attributed to him. James and John, Peter and Andrew also come to see Jesus. He greets them even more warmly than the others, but gives them no special charge or any indication he expects anything from them. Indeed, he encourages them all to go about their normal daily routine. Jesus, for the moment anyway, seems content simply to blend in.

He and his mother go to the temple every Sabbath, and he is frequently asked to read and comment on the scriptures. He preaches repentance, and his voice and piercing eyes strike the congregation to the very core. They hang on his every word, but upon leaving the temple, Jesus always returns home, while the others do likewise. When it is not the Sabbath and others are working at their various professions, Jesus too finds employment working as a carpenter for one of the local tradesmen. With the exception of the Sabbath service addresses, though, there are no other miracles or even confrontations with the Pharisees, as Jesus avoids the religious leaders. All eyes are on him, and he continues to be friendly, but he stays mostly to himself, frequently going up into the hills on the west side of Capernaum to pray. Many weeks, and then months, pass like this as Jesus works, prays, and prepares himself for the beginning of the most active part of his public life. But there are no miracles, so by the time the rainy season arrives in early December, much of the chatter about Jesus has died down. It will all change over the course of a few days.


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