Soon after I arrived at St. Damien Parish, I thought that it was important to continue to work to unify the St. Damien community.  One way that I thought we could do this was to stop referring to the three parish worship sites by their old parish names since those parishes do not exist any longer.  However, I came to realize and actually came to understand the importance of those church names to many members of our parish community.  It was a mistake on my part to stop using the names of our three churches.  I am sorry for this. 

As you can see on our bulletin and website we will begin again to refer to our three locations as St. Frances Cabrini, St. Augustine, and Our Lady of Good Counsel worship sites.  We need to find other and better ways to work to unify the St. Damien Parish community so that we no longer consider ourselves members of three different parishes.  We are one Church, one community, one parish.

Fr. Tom Newton

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