Saint Damien Parish of Ocean City, NJ

The Knights of Columbus

The mission of the Father Thomas F. Blake Council #2560 is to maintain an organization within which the K of C ideal in service to one, in service to all” becomes a constant reality Through the activities of our Fraternal Brotherhood we seek to create an environment in which a broad range of opportunities are available to enrich the spiritual, fraternal and social growth of each Brother Knight of the Council. In doing so we expect that the following goals will be a standard underpinning of our counsel.

  • Improve communications and inclusion of all Knights in the parish community. Foster a greater liaison and mutual support between those parish ministries within which we serve.
  • Greater participation in activities and events – social, spiritual, community, and outreach.
  • Orient our time, treasure and skillsets toward support of “children in need or at risk.”
  • Increase the pro-active membership of the council.

If you would like to join the Knights of Columbus, please see the weekly bulletin for more information.