During Portugal’s 1974 Carnation Revolution, Our Lady said to Sister Lucia, “When a million families pray the rosary, the revolution will end.”

The Little Sisters of the Poor are launching a campaign against the coronavirus.  After much prayer and contemplation about the coronavirus Mother General, Mother Maria del Monte Auxiliadora wrote to the whole Congregation at the end of March, “I suggest that we launch a ‘campaign’ on a global scale, a veritable ‘blitz’ on heaven, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Being inspired by Sister Lucia asking the Blessed Mother to end the 1974 Revolution and The Blessed Mother telling her “The Revolution would stop when a million families pray the rosary,” Mother Maria asked to get in touch with as many families as possible, to create a chain of Family Roasaries.

She sees the coronavirus pandemic as a situation of war, which cannot be won by human means alone, but only through prayer.

“Will we manage to involve a million families?” she asked. “God only knows, but if we put our whole heart into this, Our Lady will see our goodwill and be touched. (…) Let us try this in a very humble way and leave the rest in the hands of our Immaculate Mother.”

A chain of Roasaries! Please be part of this Power of Prayer! Join The Little Sisters of the Poor by clicking on the link below to sign up. Let’s help Mother Maria in attaining a MILLION FAMILIES!


“Thus the Rosary is the prayer which God, through his Church and Our Lady, has recommended most insistently to us all, as a road to and a gateway of salvation: “Pray the Rosary everyday.” (Our Lady, 13th May 1917). Ave Maria. Sister Lucia of Fatima.

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