From the Pastor’s Desk

From the Pastor’s Desk

From the Pastor’s Desk (December 1, 2021

I have scheduled two parish meetings to discuss the plan forward for some Church renovations.  Renovations will begin right after Christmas.  The meetings will be held at 9:00 AM following the 8:30 AM Mass on Thursday, December 2 at St. Augustine Church and at 10:00 AM following the 9:00 AM Mass on Sunday, December 5 at St. Augustine Church.  All parishioners are invited to attend one of these sessions to hear the plan. Peace,Fr. Tom Newton

From the Pastor’s Desk (Oct. 17, 2021)

I am pleased to announce the following staff changes for St. Damien Parish: Effective Wednesday, October 12, 2021 · Karen Malkiewicz returns from family leave to work on Thursdays and Fridays as the Office Administrative Assistant. · Tina Boylan continues her work one day per week and will now be the St. Damien Wedding and Baptism Coordinator.  Tina will also do other administrative functions as directed by me. Effective Monday, October 18, 2021 · Joanne Kelly will be the Pastoral Associate for Justice…

A Word on Our Winter Mass Schedule

We have reached a point as a community where it is necessary to make some changes to the St. Damien liturgical schedule.  The personnel is just no longer available to cover all of the Masses that we currently have scheduled.  I realize that these decisions are never easy, however I ask for your support.  After consultation with our staff and members of the Pastoral Council, I have made the following decisions: As of Columbus Day, Monday, October 11, 2021 we…

From the Pastor’s Desk (May 30, 2021)

Beginning on Friday, May 28th, those participating in Mass, who are vaccinated against COVID-19, are no longer required to wear masks.  Those who are not yet vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks in accord with CDC guidelines. Obviously, anyone who desires to still wear a mask is permitted to do so and I encourage all parishioners and visitors to get vaccinated.  In addition, all pews will be opened for seating.  Per the governor’s statement, all social distancing requirements are lifted…

From the Pastor’s Desk (January 17, 2021)

Happy New Year.  It is my hope and prayer that this year, 2021, will be a time of peace, joy and good health for you and your family.  I have just completed my first six months as the pastor of St. Damien and I offer a word of gratitude to all of you for your welcome and goodness to me.  I know that I have made some changes that not everyone has been able to embrace and I am sorry…
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