From the Pastor’s Desk: Parish 2022-2023 Financial Statements

From the Pastor’s Desk: Parish 2022-2023 Financial Statements

This weekend is the second of three weekends in which we are formally talking about our parish stewardship of treasure appeal.  Last weekend we talked about why we need to do this campaign.  This weekend we are focusing on some of the particulars of this stewardship appeal; discussing the current state of our finances, the giving levels possible, and the importance of electronic giving.   It is vital that everyone consider using electronic giving.  By setting up a certain level of giving for each week or each month of the year, it would benefit the parish even when you are not in town.

Commitment weekend will take place next weekend.  At that time each one of you will be invited to prayerfully consider a slight increase in your weekly gift to the parish.  This will be done here in church during each Mass.

As I said last week, it is important that our Ordinary offertory be able to cover our ordinary expense.  To get to this point is the reason for this increased giving appeal.

Thank you for your past and future generosity.

Fr. Tom Newton


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