Coronavirus: An Update from Fr. Tom Newton

Coronavirus: An Update from Fr. Tom Newton

Good morning everyone. Thanks for all of your prayers and support over these past ten difficult and challenging days. I want to give you an update.

According to the guidelines that I received from the Cape May County Health Department, my isolation period can end and I can now return to normal activities if:

A) no fever (temperature above 100.4 for 24 hours and no use of fever reducing medicine
B) at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared
C) other symptoms have improved

A) In my case my temperature has been between 97.3 and 98.7 at every taking over the past two weeks and that is with and without any fever-reducing medicine.

B) Today it is 12 days since my first symptoms appeared (body aches) on Thursday, November 5.

C) My major on-going symptom has been tightness in my chest and coughing when I would take a deep breath. Although that is not completely gone there seems to be marked improvement which began over the last few days and continues today.

As you can see, according to the guidelines I can now return to normal activities.

I had an encouraging phone conversation with my family doctor on Friday morning. He is very optimistic about my progress and recovery, however, even though he agrees with the above CDC guidelines, due to the nature of my work, he suggested that I wait a couple more days to return to work. I will take his advice and return to Mass, the office, and all normal activities on Wednesday morning, November 18.

Please feel free to discuss this update with your family, doctor, etc, and take whatever cautions that you believe you need to take to keep yourself safe and healthy. However, I will celebrate Mass on Wednesday morning and will return to the office on Wednesday.

Thanks again. Continue to pray for me and for all who suffer from this difficult virus.

Fr. Tom


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