An Update on the Sick List at St. Damien Parish

An Update on the Sick List at St. Damien Parish

Hi folks – Max here, bulletin editor and webmaster at St. Damien Parish. I wanted to share an update on one of the most important aspects of the bulletin: our sick list.

As of the December 6th, 2020 bulletin, we have transitioned to our new sick list format. What does that mean for you? Names will now appear on our sick list indefinitely, giving you much more control over how long names appear in the bulletin. Twice per year, we will drop all names from the sick list and ask that you call us to ensure specific names remain on. We will remind you when these times come via an ad in the bulletin.

To add a name to the sick list, please call the office during normal business hours at (609) 399-0648.

We hope this provides a more accessible and simple experience when you ask our parishioners to pray for a loved one. The sick list is a very important part of our parish and we’d like to encourage everyone to continue praying for the names that appear on it.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve left my contact info below.

God bless,

Phone: (609) 399-0648 x101


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