Catholic Bishops Urge Opposition to NJ’s “Reproductive Freedom Act”

Catholic Bishops Urge Opposition to NJ’s “Reproductive Freedom Act”

(Don’t be fooled by the title – It’s not freedom)

This legislation if enacted would codify:

  • Allowing late-term abortions up to birth
  • Permitting nonphysicians to perform abortions
  • Elimination of any legislative requirements for parental notification
  • Elimination of any conscience protection legislation for health care workers
  • Mandating state taxpayer funding for abortion services
  • Prohibiting any future laws, regulations, etc. conflicting with this legislation

New Jersey Bishops in their statement on The Reproductive Freedom Act:

“… urge all Catholics … to reject this proposed legislative initiative in our state and to contact your State Legislators to vigorously express opposition to its passage.”

Your action is needed NOW as this may come up for a vote in January! Contact your legislators and tell them to vote “NO!” on The Reproductive Freedom Act.  Senate/Assembly Bill – S3030/A4848.

District 1 (Ocean City, Upper Township)

District 2 (Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, EHT)

For more information:
Click “Issues” then “Reproductive Freedom Act”


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